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How to learn Dutch Fast?
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Before I became a teacher, I was a student. Despite that I was a lazy student, I successfully graduated from 2 universities. How do you learn without studying? That is the question, which I used to ask myself! And here is my answer: Learning without studying is something that I call Passive learning.


Passive learning is natural learning by using your native memory naturally like watching movies with Dutch subtitles or having Dutch radio on in your background without listening to it. Another example is doing something with Dutch people what you really like. It could sports like football, your hobby or just a voluntary job. It could be anything online or face-to-face.

Passive learning means that you bring the Dutch language in every aspect of your daily life. Ask yourself: How can I adjust my daily routine to the Dutch language? Switch the language setting of your computer, phone, iPad, Gmail and Facebook to Dutch and try to use it. You will discover plenty of new words which you need in your daily life. Surround yourself with the Dutch language so you can see and hear new words. In this way your brain will naturally memorize images and sounds of new words. Your eyes need to see Dutch words everywhere you look at (you even do not need to read them in the first place). Put post-its with Dutch words everywhere. Your ears need to hear the Dutch language without listening to it. This is what I call passive learning or programming your mind with the Dutch language.

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