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How to learn Dutch Fast?
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It really depends on:

  1. your motivation. Why do you want to learn Dutch? What is your goal?
  2. how much time do you spend watching movies with Dutch subtitles every day?
  3. how much time do you spend to passive listening to the Dutch radio every day?
  4. how much time do you spend on building your Active vocabulary every day?
  5. how many conversations in Dutch do you have every day?
  6. how you use your native memory to memorize new Dutch words.
  7. your learning ability. Some people learn faster than others.

You need at least B2 level to feel that you can express yourself freely, explain your emotions or give your opinion on a difficult topic.

How long does it take to learn Dutch?

I will give a guide line, based on my experience with our students (highly educated expats).

Level of Dutch language Very fast Average
A1 level beginner 3 months from the start 6 – 9 months
A2 level beginner* 6 months from the start 1 – 2 years *
B1 level 1 year from the start 3 – 4 years
B2 level 1,5 – 2 years from the start 5 – 6 years

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